The over 30000 digitalized and georeferenced seafloor images taken during the OFOS operations were stored in a media database and can be accessed here. Furthermore, these images are used in a web based image annotation system (DIAS) to evaluate and quantify the ecosystems of the manganese nodule fields in the Pacific Ocean.

Further information such as navigational data as well as overview maps showing the locations of the sampling stations during each cruise can be found here and downloaded to be viewed in a Geographic Information System (ArcGIS, QGIS).

Each project (SO061, SO064 (example below), SO077, SO106 - size approximately 350 MB) thereby contains the following information:

  • a high resolution bathymetric map of the DISCOL area (acquired during SO242-1)
  • the station list of the respective cruise
  • the sampling stations of the respective cruise (Shapefiles)
  • the reconstructed tracks of the towed sampling devices used during the individual cruises (OFOS / Trawls / Deep-Towed Side-Scan Sonar)


For more detailed information on the work executed during each cruise to the DISCOL area please see the respective cruise reports (right).

Thiel, H. and G. Schriever (1989): Cruise-Report DISCOL 1, SONNE - Cruise 61, with contributions by C. Borowski, C. Bussau, D. Hansen, J. Melles, J. Post, K. Steinkamp and K. Watson. Ber. Zentrum Meeres- u. Klimaforsch. Univ. Hamburg 3: 91 pp.

Schriever, G. (1990): Cruise-Report DISCOL 2, SONNE 64. Ber. Zentrum für Meeres- u. Klimaforsch. Univ. Hamburg 6: 51 pp.

Schriever, G. and H. Thiel (1992): Cruise Report DISCOL 3, SONNE cruise 77. Ber. Zentrum Meeres- u. Klimaforsch. Univ. Hamburg E 2: 59.

Schriever, G., Koschinsky, A., Bluhm, H. (1996): Cruise report ATESEPP, Auswirkungen technischer Eingriffe in das Ökosystem der Tiefsee im Süd-Ost-Pazifik vor Peru, Impacts of potential technical interventions on the deep-sea ecosystem of the southeast Pacific off Peru, SONNE Cruise 106. Berichte aus dem Zentrum für Meeres-und Klimaforschung der Universität Hamburg Reihe E 11, pp 1–91.





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SO061 - DISCOL 1
















SO064 - DISCOL 2


SO077 - DISCOL 3