Current Measurements

Current measurements during the four DISCOL cruises involved the deployment of different current meter moorings - Aandreaa RCM 5 (DISCOL 1-3) and Aaderaa RCM8 (ATESEPP). These current meter moorings are used to measure near-bottom currents over a designated period of time. During DISCOL 1 five mooring equipped with current meters 5 and 20 metres above the seafloor were deployed for time periods between 6 and 21 days, whereas two other chains were equipped with three current meters (5, 25 and 75 metres above the seafloor) and used as long-term monitoring devices, which were recovered in the course of DISCOL 2.

Moorings, which were deployed during later cruises, were equipped with more current meters at 5, 15, 50, 100, 200 and 500 metres (DISCOL 2) and 0.6, 4, 13, 50, 202 and 503 metres (ATESEPP) above the seafloor respectively.