Box Corer

For quantitative sampling of macrofauna, the USNEL box corer was used covering a sampling area of about 50 x 50 x 50 centimeters with the idea to sample a close to undisturbed portion of the seafloor sediments. Thereby, the box corer penetrates the sediment driven by own weight after touching ground (Fleeger et al, 1988). When the corer is pulled from the seafloor again, a spade is triggered to cut through the sediment below the box and upper lids close off the top of the corer to prevent any loss sampling material (Fleeger et al, 1988).

Fleeger, J. W., D. Thistle & H. Thiel (1988): Sampling equipment; In: Introduction to the study of Meiofauna; R. P. Higgens & H. Thiel (edts.); Smithsonian Institutions; Washington D.C.; 115-125

Box Corer used during SO242/1 (photo by Bastian Barenbrock)